Danny Harris
General Information
Gender Male
Age 24
Marital status Married
Address Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation(s) Employee at Beagal and Steve
Family & Friends
Family Linda (Mother)
Hattie (Grandmother)
Floyd (Uncle) unnamed brother (unborn)
Relationships Troy(wife)
Friends Sam (Coworker)
Drew (Coworker)
Employer Marianna
Series Information
First appearance "What's Love Got to Do With It?"
Episode Appearances 118
Portrayer Andre Hall
"And make sure, don't you come home with no little brothers and sisters either."
―Danny to Linda

Danny Harris is a major character in Tyler Perry's Love Thy Neighbor. He is portrayed by actor Andre Hall. Danny is a straight-laced and hardworking young man. He could be considered a "mama's boy" since he is extremely close to and protective of his mother, Linda. He is Sam's best friend and roommate, even though they share very little in common.


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Physical AppearanceEdit

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Personality TraitsEdit

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