Floyd Stanley Jackson
General Information
Gender Male
Age In his 50's
Marital status Single
Address Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation(s) Apartment superintendent
Co-Owner of the Love Train Diner
Aliases Uncle Floyd
Family & Friends
Family Hattie (Sister-in-Law)
Linda (Niece)
Danny (Nephew)
Employer Hattie
Vivian (Apartment supervisor)
Series Information
First appearance "What's Love Got to Do With It?"
Last appearance "Love Thy Self"
Episode Appearances 20
Portrayer Palmer Williams Jr.
"Girl, that head is so big, you need a kickstand."
―Floyd to Linda

Floyd Jackson is a major character in Tyler Perry's Love Thy Neighbor. He is portrayed by actor Palmer Williams, Jr. Floyd is the mischievous and sarcastic brother-in-law of Hattie Mae. He works at the Love Train along with Hattie and Linda but also serves as the superintendent of the apartment building that Vivian owns.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Personality TraitsEdit





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